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Tying flies FAST

This site is dedicated to the design and tying of trout (and other species) flies that can be tied in two minutes or less.

We all have seen fly tying demos that seem to take forever!!!!

Given my skill and attention span, there is no way I am going to spend fifteen minutes
tying a fly. Especially, if it ends up in a tree 3 minutes after tying it on.  Being philosophical,
perhaps, that is nature's way of telling me I should try a different fly anyway.  
Myself, I would rather leave it in the tree and tie on another fly.

Site Premise:  
  • Your attention span is about three minutes, that way your fly can be finished in two (Yes two) minutes or less. Including any prep time, like stacking hair, or separating your super-glued fingers apart, etc.
  • You are a mere mortal. Let say for the sake of argument, you are more than a beginner but not quite yet a commercial fly tier.
  • You have big fingers, much like I do.
  • If you throw these flies in a tree for the 4th time in 10 minutes, you won't break out crying or something equally embarrassing. It happens more than you think!!
  • When you do, you won't be tempted to march across good water to retrieve it.
  • They have to catch fish. Yes - you can put lint on a hook in less than two minutes. But is it worth it? The only way to tell if it is worth the effort, is to fish it until you have proven it to yourself.
    I have tried these flies on local Colorado streams and they work. Really!! Trust me.....
  • You like the idea of tying two dozen flies in an hour, including coffee and bio breaks, petting your dog who is curled up in front of the fire, or taking a sip from two fingers of Haig & Haig after you finish a dozen.
  • You are not terribly worried about your flies holding up for three centuries. Let's say they have to making out of your fly box, preferably intact and catch 5-10 fish before they either start to fall apart or end up in the bushes.