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Dry Flies

  • Post: Enrico Puglisi, EP-Fibers 3D, Sand, cut in 3 inch segments. 
  • Thread: Gudebrod tan 6/0
  • Tail: Whiting Light Ginger, Size 18
  • Wing: Whiting Light Ginger, Size 20
  • Thorax: Tan Dubbing
  • Hook: Dai-Riki #305 or #310, Size 18-22
  • Wrap thread down fly, add two extra wraps near hook.
  • Tie in tail using size 18 hackle.
  • Wind thread to hook eye and then back a 1/3 of the shank.
  • Tie in post, with two wraps, then make three wraps around post.
  • Tie in size 20 hackle with two wraps right in front of post on the shank.
  • Pull hackle up post and make two wraps around post and hackle.
  • Lightly dub the body around post.
  • Make 2-3 wraps with hackle around post.
  • Tie in hackle with 2 wraps of thread around post but under hackle.
  • Either make two half-hitches around hook eye or whip finish around the post.
  • Clip thread, and hackle around post. Trim Post. Break off tail hackle.
  • Treat with Hydrostop.
TM PM Parachute Dry w/ Whip Finish
TM PM Parachute Dry w/ Half Hitch Finish

  • Thread: Gudebrod Tan or Gray 6/0. Also small diameter Kevlar and GSP threads prevents thread damage from trout teeth.
  • Wing: Enrico Puglisi, EP-Fibers 3D, Sand
  • Thorax: Micro chenille, Olive or Tan
  • Hook: Dai-Riki #305 or #310, Size 16
  • Wind thread down hook.
  • Wind thread back to eye.
  • Tie in micro-chenille
  • Sparsely wind thread over chenille back down hook.
  • Sparsely wind thread over chenille back to hook eye.
  • Clip EP-Fibers at a slant.
  • Tie in fibers near hook eye.
  • Make one or two wraps under fibers
  • Finish with two half hitches.
  • Put a touch of head cement on half hitches.
  • Trim tail.
  • Treat with Hydrostop.
TM Caddis

 TM Caddis with Hackle
TM Caddis with Loop
TM Caddis w/ Hackle and Loop
  • TM BWO  
  • TM Stimmy  
  • TM Ant