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Tying flies FAST

TM BWO Nymph (CK BWO, Clicquot Kid BWO)
  • Thread: Gudebrod Gray 6/0
  • Tail: Whiting Olive/Gray, Size 18 hackle or use dubbing loop
  • Bubble: Hareline Standard Tubing Clear
  • Thorax: Gray Dubbing that compresses well.
  • Hook: Dai-Riki  #135, Size 18 - 22
  • Wind thread down shank.
  • For tail - tie in hackle
  • for fast tail create dubbing loop at about  3/4 down shank.
  • Also tail is optional.
  • Wind thread back up to hook eye then back a few wraps
  • Tie in tubing behind the hook eye with 5-6 sturdy wraps
  • Cut tubing tag farthest from hook eye close to wraps
  • Dub over tubing wrapped on shank to create a head.
  • Pull tubing (the end over the hook eye) over the dubbing.
  • Cinch down with thread behind behind dubbing.
  • Make 2 sturdy warps around hook and tubing
  • pull tubing (too flatten it) and add two more wraps
  • Whip finish fly behind the bubble and dubbing.
 TM BWO Nymph w/ Fast Tail 
 TM BWO Nymph w/ Tail

                                                    More information CK_BWO.pdf

TM Zerba Midge
  • Thread: Gudebrod Black 6/0
  • Body: UTC Ultra Wire, X-Small, Silver
    • threaded in a Bobbin.
  • Hook: Dai-Riki  #135, Size 18 - 24
  • Wind thread down 1/2 shank.
  • Tie in wire
  • Wind thread back up to hook eye then back a few wraps
  • Wind wire back up hook shank.
  • Create a head with wire
  • Whip finish behinds wire head.
 TM Zebra Midge
  • TM PMD Nymph
  • TM Caddis Pupa Nymph